Friday, August 06, 2010

JS Religion "Reporting"? Or Propaganda Outlet for Slip/Fall Lawyer?

Here's your basic compare/contrast exercise.

Diocese of LaCrosse statement:

The first and only knowledge the Diocese had of the Lake Delton matter was when it received a mailed copy of the Lake Delton Police Report consisting of five (5) pages. It was received by the Diocese seven weeks after July 22, 2009 on September 8, 2009 and it did not contain any written statements from Noah’s Ark staff, including the now widely published Noah’s Ark report of April 28, 2010 or any other additional information. No other law enforcement contact was made to the Diocese. The report states, among other things, that there were no complaints from any children and no evidence of improper activity that could amount to a crime despite Father Umberger’s complete cooperation including a consented search of his car, his person and the restroom in question. The report did not allege any interaction or suspicious activity with children in or outside the restroom. The only thing the Diocese knew at the time was that there was mere suspicion but no evidence of any crime or other wrong doing.

JS "reporting":

Archbishop Jerome Listecki determined there was not enough evidence to warrant a formal church investigation into allegations that a La Crosse priest, later charged with child pornography, had followed little boys into a water park restroom a year ago, a spokeswoman for the diocese said Thursday. Julie Wolf said Listecki, who was bishop of La Crosse at the time, was briefed on the incident involving Father Patrick Umberger when it occurred in July 2009 but did not turn it over to the diocese's sex abuse review board because it didn't meet the standards for review

The facts here are clear.

The priest went to the men's room in a water park. IIRC, that's not against the law--yet--in Wisconsin.

Children ALSO went to the men's room in a water park. This is the usual place for children to go to relieve themselves.

Absolutely nothing else occurred. The police report says that there were NO complaints of ANY untoward activity by the priest.

The cop shop did not refer to a DA.

No ticket was issued. No prosecution was forthcoming.

Now we get to the fun part of the JS "story."

Victims' advocates said the Umberger case illustrates their concerns that the La Crosse diocese may be endangering children

Pete Iseley, a "victim's advocate", is supported by Jeff Anderson, a particularly vile Slime-Meister-with-Law-License in the Twin Cities. At one point in time, Iseley had some credibility. That was before questions arose as to where he's getting his money to operate SNAP--questions which he refuses to answer.

Also germane:

Upon receipt of the report, the Diocese immediately contacted Father Umberger and questioned him about the matter. The Diocese had no knowledge of any prior complaints. An investigation was made to verify Father Umberger’s explanation and it was confirmed. The Diocese had no knowledge of and did not learn of Father Umberger’s access to any pornography, attraction to children or other moral infractions.

I'll leave it to you to figure out how many civil liberties the JS/Iseley/Anderson cabal wish to abrogate.

It's a long list.

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Al said...

So much for innocent until proven guilty. Apparently for this gang any unfound accusation is enough for them to tar & feather & then hang the priest out to dry.

Sadly it did turn out later that Fr. Umberger was arrested. But at the time even the police found nothing despite what appears to be a thorough investigation. I can't see the diocese doing anything wrong based on what it knew at the timen't the police notify the diocese it had reopened the investigation?

My other question is what was it that set off the initial complaint last year?

Amy said...

My other question is what was it that set off the initial complaint last year?

Catholic priest went into a bathroom.

As Dad said, it's about abrogating civil liberties.

Badger Catholic said...

It's all about the Julie Lassa bill to kill the statute of limitations on Church employees(but not teachers or lawyers...) Iseley has cohorts in the media who are willing to manufacturer public support for a bill designed for trial lawyers like him to get filthy rich by closing down Catholic grade schools and hospitals.

Anonymous said...

You folks always find a way to twist it so that the Church does no wrong. Laughable. Amy, wait until one of your kids is "approached".