Thursday, July 15, 2010

Industrial Capacity Utilization Inching Up

Yes, there are some positives. One of them is capacity utilization.

The capacity utilization rate for total industry remained unchanged in June at 74.1 percent, a rate 5.9 percentage points above the rate from a year earlier but 6.5 percentage points below its average from 1972 to 2009.

Of course, 'better than 2009' isn't a real difficult comparison.

HT: CalcRisk


J. Strupp said...

This kind of data is what passes for "positive" these days.

neomom said...

What they aren't really talking about however is how capacity was fairly permanently reduced in the past 18 months by emptying factories. So you have a smaller denominator..

Many of those factories will never reopen as it will take much investment to do so. If capacity needs to be brought back online in the future, it will be in countries a bit, um, friendlier to industry.