Thursday, July 15, 2010

ChooChooRiders. Yah, Sure.

Gotta admit that when the (D) crowd lies, they lie really big.

Badger carries about 120,000 people a year between the two cities. The state’s plans for passenger train service are premised on 380,000 riders annually. --McIlheran in Wisconsin Interest

Those two cities are Madistan and Milwaukee.

What the ChooChooCrowd will say is this: "Well, of course we expect a 300% increase in ridership! They're all from Chicago and want to go to Madistan!!!"


Then they'll run the old "NOBODY likes the Badger Bus. It has ....ugh....plebians........riding it."

That's lobbyist-and-lawyer for "I want a fancy ride at taxpayer expense, just like Amtrak!"

HT: Sykes


Brian said...

I'm not great at math, but isn't that more like a 216% increase?

The point is well taken, though.

Dad29 said...

I'm not great at math, either.

But I figured that 380 is about 3x 120.

Anonymous said...

But that's not the best bit. "71,000" of those "380,000", one-way trips (or something around 190,000 round-trips) would have rode Badger Coach or the less-often Greyhound bus service. Unlike the choo-choo, none of those riding Badger Coach would need to change vehicles to get to Mitchell.

Speaking of Greyhound, a fair assumption is that they provide 60,000 one-way trips between Milwaukee and Madison as they have half the bus service. Something tells me that mass transit isn't going to provide 489,000 one-way trips between the buses and the choo-choo.

GOR said...

But I'm sure all the State legislators and departmental bureaucrats from SE Wisconsin will be riding the train, right?


Yeah, right!

Anonymous said...

The whole point of cramming us proles into Potemkin and mass trasit is to free up the roads for the commissars.

For those of you too young to remember the Soviet Union, they had lanes dedicated for politician use only.