Thursday, July 15, 2010

Abrahamson's Supremes: "Arbitrary and Irrational"

Recently, we've seen reports that Abrahamson's Supreme Court (Wisconsin) is more or less dysfunctional.

No wonder.

Federal Judge Rudolph T. Randa ruled, more or less, that the Wisconsin Supreme Court was wrong.

"Arbitrary and irrational," is what he actually wrote when referring to the 2005 decision, called the Thomas case, in which the Wisconsin justices invented a new way of extracting money from companies even if you couldn't show that they did anything to harm you. That case, wrote Randa while polishing off another lead-paint suit in June, "was a dramatic and novel departure from established legal principles."

Naturally, the blame for 'dysfunctionality' is placed on Justices Ziegler and Gableman, who were elected to counter Abrahamson's irrationality. (She's also irrational in her handling of concealed-carry cases, by the way.)

Yes, I know that Loophole Louie wrote the opinion which Randa bodyslammed. But Abrahamson is the ringleader of the Irrationalistas.

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steveegg said...

You forgot to mention that Loophole Louis is up for a federal judgeship because of that bodyslammed decision.