Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A-Rod (The Blogger) Should Re-Poll

While A-R0d's main point in this essay is well-taken, I think he's wrong on this particular:

Don't let the political pundits fool you, the country is not in an anti-incumbent mood; they are in an anti-spending mood.

Au contraire, A-Rod. I spend a lot of time with apolitical people; they're not folks you see at Tea Parties, nor even in (R) or (D) gatherings, formal or informal. They (probably) contribute to one or more politicians (likely the (R) variety) but are not major-dollar types. They are players in corporate life, but not the top dogs.

They seem to be 'everyman,' instead (given the boundaries I mentioned.)

And they are noticeably disturbed at ALL incumbents. Every single one.

They want ALL of them out of office.

Further, A-Rod, you conflate for convenience. It is true that many people are in an anti-spending mood, but that certainly is not "the country." Look in my comboxes for 'Strupp', who thinks that Porkulus was written by pikers. And I wouldn't call Strupp a WackoLefty; he's a liberal, but he's reasonable on most days.

Further, the Venn diagrams of "anti-incumbent" and "anti-spending" overlap. You cannot set them up in opposition. Good rhetoric, not-so-good categorization.

Do another poll, A-Rod.

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