Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The (D) Answer to Energy? SPEND MORE MONEY!!!

We learn an astounding fact: the (D) solution is simply to spend more!

...the Democrats don’t need to pass a cap-and-trade bill in order to implement cap-and-trade. Obama’s EPA can do the unpopular work of rationing energy consumption while Congress can do the popular work of handing out big bags of money to the green lobby and spanking the oil companies with a handful of tax hikes.

Yah, that'll fix all the problems.

...Schumer noted that Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D., N.M.) passed a bill through the Energy and Natural Resources Committee last year that included massive expansions in subsidies for renewable-energy companies but did not include a cap-and-trade component.

The JimmuhCarter solution, "buy more sweaters," won't work, either. You'll STILL pay more for electricity and natgas because the utilities are guaranteed to have profits. See, e.g., the Milwaukee Water Works example, where less usage leads to higher prices for the remaining users.

And you'll pay more for gasoline, lubricating oil, and everything delivered by truck and train. Like food, for example--and mail, and clothing.

Not to mention interest on the US debt, also pumped with (D) Steroids.

Government as The Solution!

HT Egelhoff

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