Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Condemning Israel: GHWBush

A very interesting nugget.

Following the Israeli destruction of Saddam's nuke-reactor,

...Now comes the great Richard Allen to tell the tale of how the White House reacted, with Ronald Reagan almost alone (although Al Haig basically sided with Reagan) in NOT wanting to blast Israel. The interesting, but unsuprising, info is here: "The vigorous discussion provided some surprises, including the opinions presented by Vice President George H. W. Bush; the chief of staff, James Baker; and the president’s omnipresent aide, Michael Deaver. They argued strongly for punitive actions against Israel, including taking back aircraft and delaying or canceling scheduled deliveries....."

As usual, the Baker/Bush-the-elder bias was against Israel, and friendly to Saddam. (Remember that Baker and Bush were famously friendly to Saddam UNTIL he threatened OTHER Arab oil producers.)

Well, "threatening" other oil producers is an understatement when you consider what actually happened in Kuwait. On the other hand, it IS interesting.

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