Friday, June 11, 2010

Feingold & Kohl: Our Anti-Wisconsin Senators

Yesterday the US Senate voted on a resolution to stop EPA's mission-leap into regulating CO2, which is what you exhale.

Feingold and Kohl voted against the resolution. They voted to let EPA's cough*braintrust*cough stick it to the citizens again--just as they have done with Corn-A-Hole.

Senate Republicans’ attempt to keep any future regulation of carbon in Congress’s domain was turned back just now. All Republicans voted in support of the Murkowski amendment...

ANY burning--natural gas, gasoline, wood, coal--ANY at all, will now be subject to EPA regulation rather than legislative control. You can bet you will be paying a lot more for heat and electricity in the near future.

All because Feingold and Kohl don't really give a damn.


TerryN said...

This is how Democrats look out for the "working families" of America. We don't need their (unconstitutional) "help".

You have to wonder about the sanity of anyone who would vote for someone who wants to ideologically promote colder weather and raise the cost of your energy.

Net result; people will be chopping down more trees.

Deekaman said...

Trees cannot be burned either. I just helped finish reviewing our GHG monitoring plan.

If it's not solar or wind, these people are against it. But the bigger question is,"why?" They have to know it will reduce available energy and they have to know it will raise prices and they have to know it will kill the economy.....right?