Thursday, June 10, 2010

Biz Losers Are Cali Winners

Not all are enthused about the RINO women who are running in California.

Carly Fiorina quit Lucent Technologies at what can only be described as a 'fortuitous' time -- right before the beginning-of-the-end of its greatness and its descent into missed quarters and dodgy accounting.

...Right from the beginning, HP employees knew something wasn't right. Fiorina came across as all style and no substance.

...Quantitatively, Fiorina was a near-disaster for the company. During the six years of her tenure, she destroyed shareholder value

(There's a chart at the link, and she WAS a disaster.)

As for Meg Whitman...

The eBay and PayPal services together managed to pull off the stellar feat of alienating both its sellers and buyers on several occasions. Its ludicrous and inscrutable policies turned a once-great service into an object of derision and anger.

These policies were inconsistently applied by minimum-wage, offshore support staff who failed to read email sent to them, and didn't even manage to do a good job of sticking to the scripts they'd been given.

...And then there's eBay's disastrous Skype acquisition. At the time, nobody at the company was able to articulate why the purchase was a good idea.

The author makes good points, and nothing he says was a secret. Anyone who was around IT knew that Fiorina was a doofus.

Probably still is, based on her inability to learn that "a mike is ALWAYS on." Thank God she doesn't carry a gun, or....

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Deekaman said...

Better than the (Democrat) alternative.