Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meanwhle, What About Jobs in Illinois? Wisconsin?

From the Trib's Sunday editorial:

Nor have you heard Illinois leaders, in their to and fro over an income tax hike, confront a 2009 report by the American Legislative Exchange Council: A decade's worth of hard data suggests that states with no individual income tax created 89 percent more jobs, and had 32 percent faster personal income growth, than did states with the highest income tax rates. The report also analyzed 15 policy factors that influence a state's growth prospects — tax burdens, debt service, tort climate, mandated minimum wage, spending limits if any — and ranked Illinois' economic outlook as an alarming 44th in the U.S.

Here in Wisconsin:

Wisconsin relies less than many states on user fees, including things such as tollways, school activity fees and garbage collection charges. It leans much more than most states on property and income taxes.

Obviously, Wisconsin legislators forgot to read the ALEC's report, too.

Or they just don't give a rip.

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