Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garbage In, Garbage Out, and Upcoming Garbage, Too!!

As usual, Diogenes 'splains it all for you, clearly.

The John Jay Report is the research variant of a graywash, commissioned by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops no less. By blending results of good and bad dioceses, the report diminishes the appearance of evil in the bad dioceses and tars the good dioceses, along with their bishops and clergy.

He cites a book, After Asceticism, which elaborates.

The summary tables do indicate that there were some regions of the country (clustering two or more US dioceses into a single unit) that reported no incidents of abuse. Those diocesan regions with no reported sexual abuse are in stark contrast to other regions that reported over 20 percent of priests having been accused of sexual misconduct with minors of the same sex. (John Jay Report Table 2.3.3) The fact that there were evidently numerous dioceses that reported no abuse--whereas others seemed to be a sexual playground for pederasts--suggests that the severity of the problem of abusive priests varies widely across the United States and does not lend itself to a simple summary...

A) Lies, B) damned lies, and C) statistics. The Bishops chose (C) for millions, Alex.

And they're not done!

The current USCCB commissioned graywash will continue later this year when the folks at John Jay College release their findings on the personality characteristics of the abusive priests. No H-bombs will be dropped and the media will seize these findings to cast the honorable celibate priests as a clan of cranks and perverts, and the gay clergy as the normals. And as is always the case with a graywash of the Church, there will be no light shed on the spiritual causes that led up to the catastrophe

Look for it in AP releases, soon--or next Christmas and/or Easter. There IS a season for everything, you know.

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