Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fed Judge Finds the Looking Glass, Jumps Through

Fed Judge Clevert: another element in the Case Against Lawyers.

A federal judge has struck down a Wisconsin law that prohibits prison inmates from getting hormone therapy to treat gender identity disorder.

....Clevert found that the law amounts to "deliberate indifference to the plaintiffs' serious medical needs in violation of the Eighth Amendment," because it denies hormone therapy without regard to those needs or doctors' judgments. He found the law unconstitutional on its face and also in violation of the inmates' rights to equal protection.

So the Constitution demands that Wisconsin taxpayers give "hormone therapy" to a loon?

Sorry, judge. You're one of the folks we call "intellectualoids." Not smart enough to figure out which end of a paper bag is which, but--hey--nice Federal job you have, there!

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Billiam said...

Well, it appears, that for some on the left, especially some Judges, the Constitution means what they WANT it to mean. State or Federal, doesn't matter.