Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Stimulus Works!! (Maybe Not for You)

Saved/created jobs?  Probably.

Main Street?  Hell, no!

As struggling communities throughout the country wait for more help from the $787 billion stimulus package, one region is already basking in its largess: the government-contractor nexus that is metropolitan Washington.

...The Energy Department is paying Technology & Management Services, a Gaithersburg firm, $6.9 million to review applications for renewable energy loan guarantees. The Department of Homeland Security awarded Deloitte Consulting's Arlington branch $8.6 million to provide "program management and support" for the stimulus plan's $1 billion airport security initiative, and gave McKing Consulting, a Fairfax firm, a $1.5 million contract to review applications for fire department construction funding

It's been noted that the DC area does not have an unemployment problem (just like Madistan.)

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