Thursday, December 03, 2009

Young "Catholics" and Plan B

Recently there have been some announcements from "Young Catholics" which group intends to make "Plan B" more available or something.

"Plan B" is also known as "emergency birth control" and is touted as a way to prevent pregnancy after a one-night stand or in case of rape.

Well, that's not exactly ALL "Plan B" is.

The morning-after pill (a high dosage of the birth control pill), the Patch, and the Pill can act to terminate a pregnancy by chemically altering the lining of the uterus (endometrium) so that a newly conceived child (human embryo) is unable to implant in the womb, thus starving and dying. This mechanism of action is termed a pre-implantation chemical abortion.

"Terminating" a pregnancy is abortion, which is intrinsically evil. But that's not the end of "Plan B":

Furthermore, the FDA states that Plan B is not designed for frequent use, because of its negative health consequences, which include blood clots and a high risk for ectopic pregnancy

Maybe these folks are "young." But they should reflect carefully on what they're doing, given that they call themselves "Catholic."

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Anonymous said...

who are these people? Young people typically could care less about religion, or are loyal to it, I don't know anyone who is into being Catholic and endorsing plan B.

There are no doube plenty of nominal Catholics who use it but these sorts of people would probably not even raise there hands if they were asked "who's catholic"? in front of a group of there friends.