Thursday, December 03, 2009

Free Rubbers! Just Go to School!

Ever in pursuit of new ways to "help" students, MPS is considering a rubber-handout program for the darlings.  This on top of the MPS' extant 'sex ed' programs.

Milwaukee Public Schools' health officials want to make condoms freely available to students in many of the district's high schools, as part of an effort to combat the health risks that sexually transmitted infections and other communicable diseases pose to young people.

As usual, you have to read waaaayyyyyy down to the bottom of the article to find the good stuff.

Terry Falk, vice chairman of the committee, said the proposal is not about "handing out condoms like candy."

"What we're hoping for is that students who come in for these will walk away with a larger discussion about their sexual activity and, in some cases, we may find out where there are problems in their lives over and above the use of condoms," Falk said.

"We're hoping that the end result will be less sexual activity rather than more if this is done right."

Right, Terry.  After all, MPS' sex-ed programs have been REALLY effective so far, right?

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Jeremy R. Shown said...

"find out there are problems in their lives"

like failing schools?