Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's "WDS" in Milwaukee County

Just switch the picture.  In Milwaukee it's not "BDS."  It's WALKER Derangement Syndrome.

After a review of health costs, Milwaukee County was able to rescind its last mandated-furlough day.  Seems that they found $3+ million they could save.

Think that's a good thing?  Wrong!!

"How do you believe the numbers when you are given four furlough days based on the fact we don't have money and then all of a sudden we do have money?" said Beth Werve, president of the union representing county social workers, paralegals, juvenile probation officers and others.

She said employees were grateful to have the money they otherwise would have lost to the furloughs. But many also had made plans to leave town for the holidays that may now have to be changed, she said. A constant threat of layoffs and pay cuts from Walker has demoralized workers, Werve said.

Yah, well, "constant threats" are common in private industry, too, Beth.

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