Thursday, December 03, 2009

Surprise! 'Big Green' Opposes Electricity

After 30+ years of experience with Big Green (green outside, red inside), you'd think that our Legislators would know what's going on.

Think again.

State Rep. Jim Soletski, D-Green Bay, is one of four lawmakers developing the global warming legislation based on recommendations made last year by the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming. The task force recommended easing state restrictions on construction of nuclear power plants.

The task force included representatives from the Wisconsin Citizens Utility Board, Sierra Club Wisconsin and Clean Wisconsin Inc. But those same groups on Tuesday stood with the Carbon-Free, Nuclear-Free Wisconsin Coalition in opposition to lifting the state’s restrictions on nuclear development.

“To be honest with you, I’m still very upset about it,” Soletski said. “It’s hard to deal with some people when they appear to me to be working against the discussion we’ve had about working toward safe, reliable energy in Wisconsin.

There are details, but the effect of the opposition is to rule nukes out-of-bounds in Wisconsin.  Since the Green Folk don't like coal or natural gas either, how about electricity from candles?

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