Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dumbest Snowstorm Road Tricks?

I have two nominations, both from Madistan.

1) Capitol workers jaywalking across Webster St on the hill in the middle of traffic. No big deal, except when Webster Street is slick as a snake with light but wet/freezing slush-ice. Good way to clean the gene-pool.

2) Dedicated bicyclist, with NO lights, wearing BLACK, at 8:30 PM, riding a lightweight bike in 3"++ of snow/slush, in a traffic lane, having steering-control problems. Another "no loss" to the gene pool...


Headless Blogger said...

Can you add anything to Soglin's recommendations for taking out cyclists?

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

The cyclist seems like the bigger moron to me.

Dad29 said...

HB, I don't think that anyone will need to take action. Morons generally wind up self-executed.

Amy said...

No - I've got one that tops these dumb road tricks.

I was shoveling for my parents when their landlady came out to warm up her car.

She sees a line down in the yard, which I hadn't noticed because I hadn't made it that far shoveling yet (that snow/rain/slush mix was a bear to shovel. It took me 2.5 hours to do a driveway and sidewalk).

So she walks over to it and picks it up WITH BOTH HANDS, standing in 4" of wet snow on the back lawn, to ask me what it's for.


I hope the look I gave her let her know just how stupid it was to touch a downed wire. We had power, so I don't think it was an electrical line, but still. I almost watched a person fry this morning because she didn't know not to touch a downed wire!

GOR said...

Er,'re expecting intelligence - in Madison???