Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sen. Baucus v. the Facts of ObamaCare

Sen. Baucus claims that ObamaCare 'won't increase Gummint.'

Well, it won't--unless it is passed into law.

There are SEVENTY-ONE instances of 'increased Gummint' in the law. Here are a few:

Sec. 5405. Primary Care Extension Program.
Sec. 5504. Counting resident time in outpatient settings and allowing flexibility for jointly operated residency training programs

Sec. 5603. Reauthorization of the Wakefield Emergency Medical Services for Children Program.

54. Sec. 6112. National independent monitor demonstration project.

55. Sec. 6114. National demonstration projects on culture change and use of information technology in nursing homes.

56. Sec. 6201. Nationwide program for National and State background checks on direct patient access employees of long-term care facilities and providers.

57. Sec. 6302. Federal coordinating council for comparative effectiveness research

That last one is the 'death panel.'

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