Monday, September 07, 2009

Baucus: "Let's Tax Health Insurers!!"

Baucus thinks that you are really, really, really stupid.

In a last effort to give the Senate a bipartisan health care bill, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee circulated a comprehensive proposal on Sunday to overhaul the health care system and proposed a new fee on insurance companies to help pay for coverage of the uninsured.

This is the same crap that's always been in the (D) playbook. Tell the suckers that you're going to really nail the SOB's--in this case, the insurance companies.

Of course, the insurance companies (just like the telephone companies) will pass the cost to their customer base, which is YOU!

Obviously Baucus lost a few shell games when he was touring in New York City, and thinks that you are just as much a hick as he was......

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Billiam said...

Umm, Dad, many ARE that stupid. Kind of like one idea, it may even be in HR3200, or one of the Senate versions, that the insured, me, would have to pay a larger percentage. Say, 30% instead of 20%. So this helps me how? Also, these are the same @sshats who say that if they add the faux 50 million uninsured to the roles, cost will drop. This is a blatant lie, because if they can't afford insurance, then everyone else's cost go up! Of course, many publicly educated citizens won't/don't even think about, or question anything Gummint says. They're good little soldiers..