Monday, September 07, 2009

The Jim Doyle Solution: "Goodbye"

Another chapter in the Doyle Incompetence Book.

Unemployed people call a hotline run by the Department of Workforce Development to check on their claims for unemployment benefits or to answer agency questions about their application.

The calm, recorded voice of a woman says: "To speak with the next available claims specialist, press 0."

But about 86% of the time, the caller is soon disconnected with a simple "Goodbye" from the calm, recorded voice of a man.

In contrast, if you are scamming the Doyle child-care system, the voice says "Pick up your $100K++ check tomorrow." This response is similar to the one Doyle gives WEA, the tribes, or the trial lawyers. (The amount may differ.)

The Doyle "goodbye" treatment is similar to what's given DOT engineers who need money to fix falling-apart bridges at the 94/45/894 intersection.

Or like the Doyle response to Thomas Industries, or Super Steel (except that in that case, "Goodbye" is rendered "Vaya con Dios," which Doyle learned while writing a State check in Spain.

Remember this when members of the Doyle Party talk about health care.

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Amy said...

Yep. That's been my experience.