Monday, September 07, 2009

Obama And His Famous Stalking-Horse, "Trigger"

Obama and Rahmsputin think they've found a way to jam Gummint health insurance down your throats.

Here's Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson on CNN:

Well I think he [Obama] has to say that if there’s going to be a public option, it has to be subject to a trigger. In other words, if somehow the private market doesn’t respond the way that it’s supposed to, then it would trigger a public option or a government-run option. But only as a fail-safe backstop to the process.

When I say trigger, out here in Nebraska and the midwest, I don’t mean a hair-trigger. I mean a true trigger — one that would only apply if there isn’t the kind of competition in the business that we believe there would be.

Snowe of Maine is toying with the same idea.

Maybe the Bozos don't get it yet. Obama doesn't want a 'trigger.' Obama wants ObamaCare. He doesn't intend to compromise in any fashion, way, or manner.

So talking about "true triggers" vs. "hair triggers" is just that: talk.

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