Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Watering the Plants"--Self-Enhancement Version

The President's 'plant'-ation gimmicks are well-known, if not original.

But now we have plants who self-confer MD credentials! is video of Ms. Mayer’s appearance, in which she claims to be a “general practitioner” who has been practicing for “four years."

That was at the Cong. Jackson-Lee "listening session" (during which Cong. Lee listened to her cellphone rather than to a question from the audience.)

However, Ms. Mayer is NOT an MD. She did NOT stay at a Holiday Inn, either.

Did I mention that Ms. Mayer is a single-payer/universal insurance advocate?

MORE: Patterico:

But I can’t find any evidence that she’s a doctor. Instead, I find evidence of a Roxana Mayer who appears to be a graduate student studying social work at the University of Houston, where Jackson Lee’s husband is a vice president for student affairs

All strictly coincidental, of course.

HT: Memeorandum

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