Saturday, August 01, 2009

Trade Your Health Insurance Company for DMV!!

What Obamamamamama, QueenNancy, and Harry the Land-Speculator (and their mind-numbed robots) are telling you is this:

The Insurance Companies are EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL capitalist pigs. Insurance executives are paid WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too much. And they have too many employees. Those employees, those managers, those executives--who needs them?

So it's all their fault. Mostly. Kinda. Sorta. No matter that 85% of the people are happy with their coverage.

(Of course, the Drug Companies are evil, too. So are hospitals. And doctors, especially specialists.)

To eliminate those EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVILs, Obamamamamama, QueenNancy and Harry the Land-Speculator will give the taxpayer....

Wait for it.....


The IRS (treatment-by-confiscation). Or maybe the DMV (treatment-by-long-lines). Perhaps the CARS program (treatment-by-lottery!!) Or, even better, mix them all together with a dose of EPA (treatment-by-clean air!) and OSHA (safety first!!), season with EEOC (equal bureaucracy for all) , and sprinkle with TSA (keep those damn grannies out.)

That'll fix it.


Jeremy R. Shown said...

I'm worried about my doctor's office becoming the dmv.

Many insurance companies have adopted the DMV model on their own.

Finger in the Booty Shark said...

dad29 loves getting his prostate checked!

Keith Schmitz said...

Spent just 15 minutes at the DMV on Friday, but that's beside the point.

Hey Fred, what sort of perverse pleasure do you get out of being screwed red? If you haven't yet by your insurance company, there is quite likely one with your name on it. Do you have that kind of funky loyalty to the GOP?

You all can talk about all you want how 80% of the people liking their insurance companies. I'm sure 80% of people like their shotgun marriages.

This is analogous to most people liking their Congress rep but hating Congress. In polls, at least 56% want some form of single payer and if the benefits were explained more extensively, that number would go up higher.

Dad29 said...

The "Benifts" of another, even MORE massive, Gummint bureaucracy.

Oh, yah.

And the GOP has nothing to do with this--other than the fact that they are using common sense.

Keith Schmitz said...

Versus the detriments of an intrusive, massive private insurance bureaucracy, which by the way rations your health care and causes people to die and go broke. That bureaucracy dad.

Dad29 said...

"Causes people to die..."

So they are MURDERING capitalist pigs!

Gay Shark said...

Hey dad, when should I come over and suck you dry? 3PM, just like last time?

Anonymous said...

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