Thursday, August 13, 2009

Think The Message Sank In? Think Again

Harry Reid (D-Land Developers) is certain that the protests are only skin-deep or something like that.

Reid left no doubt he intends to get a health reform bill passed in the Senate, no matter what erupts at town hall meetings and whether any Republicans support the end result. "We can't let the insurance industry win another round. We're going to win this round," he said.

If the bill doesn't have a public insurance plan to compete with private ones, do the insurance companies win? I asked. "The public option is something that the vast majority of Americans want. They know that the enemy is the insurance industry," Reid said.

...The House, with a large Democratic majority, is expected to pass a bill with a public option in it. If the Senate version doesn't have one, I asked, does the public option have a shot when Senate and House negotiators meet to smooth out their differences in a conference committee?

"I'm not going to -- I have to get a bill off the floor," Reid said with a low chuckle. "So I'm not going to be threatening or suggesting anything that might come in conference. Get the picture?" I did. --Jill Lawrence, Politics Daily

Maybe Reid can't get the message due to some sort of infirmity. And maybe he thinks that the SEIU thugs will protect him by roughing up the opposition in the streets.

OK, Harry.

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J. Strupp said...

The more "lively" Town Hall participants appear to be misinformed and not really interested what their Congressmen has to say. It's rather easy to see how Reid would think the vast majority of protesters are only skin deep.

That's not to say that the debate on this issue is not valid. I'm not saying that at all. But the majority of these people standing up and going nuts on their Congressmen look like a bunch of goof balls that were whipped into a frenzy by people who don't know what they are talking about.

I few TV "personalities" and a former governor come to mind.

Obviously, these folks have the right to speak, but I wouldn't put much merit into what the fringe element is saying either. On the other hand, people who are bringing honest criticism, skepticism and debate to the table should be taken very seriously. Unfortunately, these aren't the people we focus on at these town hall meetings which is why this fiasco shouldn't have been done in the first place.

Dad29 said...

By "fiasco" you mean, of course, Pelosi's Monster--the 1000+ pages of vague, misleading, plausible-deniability, mandates, and garbage, right?

J. Strupp said...

eh maybe.

Unfortunately these town hall meeting aren't focusing on any of those 1000+ pages but, rather, the goofs that jump in front of their Congressmen (and the camera) and scream socialism because Glen Beck told them to.

On a side note, Ezra Klein's piece in the Wash. Post the other day puts this whole thing in perspective in my opinion:

This fiasco isn't just about "ObamaCare", it's really about people who loath their own government so much that any thought of creating a more effective government isn't possible. There's no better demonstration of this than the previous administration's heap of unfunded mandates in health care and education, tax cuts for rich people, attempts to dismantle social security, etc.

Dad29 said...

Klein's assumption that the citizens of the country should be in a "trust" relationship with Gummint is erroneous.

He's obviously not very familiar with the Bill of Rights, particularly the 9th and 10th Amendments.

You ought to try reading them yourself!

The trajectory established by FDR and accelerated by LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Bush1, Bush2, and the current Fascist is causing a rebellion--and Glenn Beck has very little to do with it at all.

ObamaCare is merely the current pustule.

J. Strupp said...

You are losing me Dadster. You seem to be diving off the deep end. Fascist? Rebellion?

This "socialism" craze is nothing different than the "communist" craze that seemed to popped from time to time during the Cold War era. This is simply repackaging. Pray off the emotions of the angry mob who doesn't know any better by accusing the party in power as a tyrant. We're always on the brink of tyranny aren't we?

You are obviously an intelligent person. I don't know how you read as much as you do and buy into this kind of manufactured nonsense.

Dad29 said...

One doesn't have to "manufacture" anything at all to discern what is in plain sight.

The saying 'none so blind as they who will not see' applies to you, Struppie.

BTW, McCarthy was right. FDR's Admin was absolutely loaded with Commies and fellow-travelers. Read the Venona papers someday.

See, "intelligence" requires some knowledge of actual history--not the "nothing occurred before I was born" stuff you 20-somethings seem to have in stock.

J. Strupp said...


FDR's Admin. had a lot of communists. Many made the trek to Russia during the 1930's and met with Stalin personally. This is a well known fact. What the hell's your point? The GOP establishment has been crying "communists" ever since then. That was 70 years ago.

Dadster, for every "nothing occured before I was born 20-something" there is a "set in my ways, refuse to listen to contrary opinions, blinded by pure ideology" 60 and 70-something.

You just missed on the 20-something too.