Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Revolution in Pennsylvania

No--not the one featuring Spectral and Sibelius.

This one (text only) toasted Cong. Murphy (D-Babykiller). A flavor:

...I think they were expecting 20 or 30 people. More than a hundred showed up, and it's fair to say Murphy ran into a buzz saw. I would say the "anti" forces outnumbered the "plan-friendly" voters ten to one. The crowd was by and large older; I was one of the younger people there, but I expect the youngest person was Murphy himself. The crowd was orderly (at least at first), respectfully dressed, and as I was to find out, very well informed as to what was going on

...Murphy said he knows because he'd read the bill. He went on to say "I read every bill I vote on." At that point jeering commenced, someone barked "that's not true!" (ok, that was me), and someone else piped up that even Murphy's office had said he had not read the stimulus bill or else he would not have voted for the bonuses for the executives.




HT: PowerLine

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