Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Revolution in Appleton, WI

Kagen (D-ToadyofQueenNancy) gets a faceful in A'town.

Extending his middle finger to taxpayer constituents, Kagen (D-Short-Termer) said:

"Change is always very difficult. But, quite frankly, we can't afford not to change our health care system and to do it in a way that improves our economy and doesn't damage it. I think it's possible to do."

The meeting with 300 citizens (this was in the morning, folks, not after work) was described as "tense" by the reporter.


Kagen beclowns himself (you can't make this up, folks):

Some of [Rep. Kagen’s] less than stellar moments included a claim that “the United States Senate is the real enemy” and that he believes it is “unconstitutional” for a pharmacy to be able to charge different people different prices for the same medication (ever buy a used car Rep. Kagen?). When asked if he would support healthcare legislation despite the majority of his constituents being opposed to it, he first replied, “Well, let me explain the legislative process to you,” later adding the cliché “these are complex issues” and ending his answer with, “I will vote for the best interest of our constituents.” At one point, obviously frustrated, Kagen yelled at a constituent, “How dare you!” during an exchange with a member of the audience on how to possibly help a different audience member facing the tough prospect of covering healthcare costs with her husband out of work.

Despite his MD, this buffoon is not too bright.


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Billiam said...

He's developed quite an elitest attitude as well. As Andrea Mitchell said, "They just don't know what's good for them.."