Thursday, August 06, 2009

MS Society: Pass ObamaCare

Strange that the Multiple Sclerosis society would push ObamaCare, no?

Members of Congress will be on recess in their home districts for most of August, leaving our country's health care crisis unresolved.

...Between your letters and our in-person visits, we'll send a clear message that health care reform cannot wait.


What the MS society wants are, basically, "tweaks" to the existing system:

Long-term supports and services and limitations on lifetime coverage caps;
Reducing out-of-pocket costs;
Eliminating the Medicare 24-month disability waiting period; and
Eliminating pre-existing condition discrimination

....none of which require ObamaCare, (the National Socialist Health/NaziHealth) program.

I wonder if the MS society paid attention to Obama's "Take a pill" suggestion.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Evidently not.

Amy said...

It'll be a major tweak when the MS society - and all the other organizations that work for chronic illnesses - find their constituents are shuffled off to a quiet, state-approved, money-saving death.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I would guess that the MS Society is not much different from other organizations that beg for money - a good portion of it from some level of government - and is led by the same uber-leftys as the other community organizations.

Unfortunately, MS and AARP leaders are too blinded by their do-gooder goggles that they haven't noticed the eugenics fine print.

(Disclaimer - I have friends with MS and donate to the MS Society. This saddens me.)


Neo-Con Tastic said...

I have contributed to the MS Society and I agree with neomom - very disappointed. I will take it one step further though (agreeing with Amy) and remind everyone of an old saying:

"When you dance with the devil."

krshorewood said...

What is laughable is that you pawns for profit are in favor of none of these provisions.

Dad29 said...

What is laughable is that you pawns for profit are in favor of none of these provisions

You know this with moral certainty, KR? Because you are flat-out WRONG on that.

As the lawyers and CPAs usually say, it all depends on "facts and circumstances."

Anonymous said...

Wow. More stupid on display by people who prefer hate to understanding.

This "eugenics" crap is pure propaganda.

Dad29 said...

Well, Anony, then Obamamamamama can simply disband the HealthCare Committee for Treatment Decisions, right?

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

The crickets are chirping from anony's corner...

Anonymous said...

Right on! I fired my opinon back to the NMSS's e-mail recieved taking great exception to their "Obamacare" support, explained why it would be detrimental to my efforts to manage my MS myself, without a government system taking all control or what ever control I think I might hve over this diease, pointed out I have actually read portions of the language of HR 3200, and noted I am communicating with the elected federal representatives in my area and state. I certainly hope others will do the their own words. Thank you for questioning "authority" on thipersonal issue.