Friday, August 07, 2009

Famous Relative

From AmSpecBlog:

There's a quote I've seen attributed to both M. Stanton Evans and John Schmitz when conservatives were criticizing Richard Nixon for his trip to China: "I don't object to the president going to China. I object to him coming back."

John Schmitz was a second cousin of mine.


Anonymous said...

John Schmitz, the nut-job former California congressman who was the serial adulterer and the father of child abuser Mary Kay Letourneau? Very interesting, DaddyZero! And you're proud of this connection?

Dad29 said...

Unlike you, I don't know that John was a "serial adulterer."

His politics were 100% great.

Should I bring up Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd?

Anonymous said...

From wikipedia. It appears that your relative had the morals of John Edwards -- or half the morals of Edwards, since Schmitz fathered two children out of wedlock. You tell us what portions are erroneous, if any:

Early in 1982, John George Stuckle, an infant born on June 10, 1981, was treated at an Orange County hospital for an injured penis. A piece of hair was wrapped so tightly around the organ "in a square knot," according to one doctor—that it was almost severed. The surgery went well, and the baby suffered no permanent injury. However, the baby's mother, Carla, a 43-year-old Swedish-born immigrant and longtime Republican volunteer, wasn't allowed to take John George home, since some of the attending doctors were convinced the hair had been deliberately tied around his penis.

Detectives threatened to arrest Carla and take John George away permanently unless she identified the father. In a shocking development, Carla said that Schmitz was John George's father.

During a custody hearing, Schmitz acknowledged fathering John George out of wedlock. He'd also fathered Carla's daughter, Eugenie. The admission effectively ended his political career, though he made a quixotic run for the 38th Congressional District in 1984. He was defeated by former Congressman Bob Dornan in the Republican primary 65% to 11%, with another candidate earning 24%. Dornan would go on to defeat Democratic incumbent Rep. Jerry Patterson in November. Schmitz and his wife, Mary, briefly separated over the incident

Dad29 said...

Learn something every day.

I won't mention Ted Kennedy.