Sunday, August 09, 2009

Democrats Go Into Hiding?


The girly-boys won't come out to play.

...after a series of contentious town-hall meetings, some Democratic lawmakers are thinking twice about holding large public gatherings. Instead, they are opting for smaller sessions, holding meetings by phone or inviting constituents for one-on-one office hours.

Democrats have accused Republicans of manufacturing the opposition by organizing groups to attend the events and encouraging disruptive behavior. Republican organizers say the unrest reflects genuine anger about the proposed health-care changes.

Frankly, the claim that "it's organized" is a non-issue. So what if it's organized? The point is that it is OPPOSITION. And a lot of it. And it's heated.

Rick Scott, who leads Conservatives for Patients' Rights, a group that has helped publicize the local meetings, said: "The polls reveal the real picture of what is happening across the country -- people are genuinely concerned, some are genuinely angry, and they are expressing themselves."

...Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D., Texas), who was recently heckled over health care at a supermarket, said he would attend a veterans-center opening, a community-health event and a meeting with Austin public school teachers in coming days.

"The apparent focus was to kind of create this impression that you could run me [and] supporters of this out of Dodge," he said. "That's not what is going to happen."

Maybe not. But you'll be filing for your Congressional pension a lot sooner than you thought, Lloyd.

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Deekaman said...

Saw Joe Sestak on TV last night. He seems to be willing to go out there and take the hits. We'll see if he really does it.

The Democrats don't want to hear what we have to say. This is more of the elitist "we know better" attitude.

I'm not putting up with it anymore.