Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another $700K "Ooopsie" From Doyle's Government

.....and you will pay for it.

Officials at the state Department of Veterans Affairs are asking state lawmakers to cover the cost of more than $700,000 in unauthorized purchases, including a fire truck, that exceeded the department's budget.

The purchases may have violated state laws regarding spending of state funds without specific prior authorization and spending in excess of budgets, the department said. It has asked the state Department of Justice to investigate the potential violations.

...The request for additional funding will be considered approved if no one on the Joint Finance Committee objects to it by Aug. 24. Joint Finance Committee Co-chairs Sen. Mark Miller (D-Monona) and Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) may decide to meet about the matter if members have concerns about it.

And maybe another "ooooops!" moment:

The Department of Veterans Affairs has also discovered additional payments of $25,000 each from the King facility to the Fox Valley Technical College, in December 2007, and Waupaca Area Community Foundation, in July 2008, that were made without proper authority.

Maybe DVA is getting its legal advice from Doyle's house-counsel?

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