Thursday, May 07, 2009

Will Specter Survive the (D) Primary?

Roeser doesn't think Arlen's long for the Senate at all--no matter which party he's in.

Specter’s switch has played badly in Pennsylvania: something the zombie media won’t report. As a Democrat he is running behind Tom Ridge, the ex-Republican governor in the general and is only a whisker ahead of Toomey. But alas, he has a very, very tough primary in his new-found Democratic party. A very popular Democratic House member Joe Sestak, 58, a retired three -star Navy admiral, has said he’s going to stay in and challenge Specter. In fact he may well beat him. Sestak is the highest ranking ex-serviceman ever to serve in Congress with a brilliant resume: graduating second in his class at Annapolis, having commanded the George Washington aircraft carrier battle group during combat in Afghanistan. After 9/11 he became the first director of “Deep Blue,” an anti-terrorism think tank in the Navy; with a Ph.D from Harvard and having held a major defense policy post with the National Security Council under Bill Clinton. Sestak has a 100% pro-labor voting record.

What you have here, folks, is a dead skunk in the middle of the road...


Dan said...

Sestak seems like one of those Democrats the GOP would love to have.

Al said...

I love the irony, he leaves the Republican Party (no big loss) because he sees he will lose the primary, only to face the same thing in the Democratic primary.