Thursday, May 07, 2009

Archdiocesan Spokesgal Says a Mouthful

The JSOnline notes that Abp Weakland "has accepted an invitation" to retire in a Benedictine monestary on the East Coast.

(That means that unlike his home monestary in Pennsylvania, this one will let him in.)

He will also publish his memoirs.

"Some will be angry about the book," which is expected to be released this summer, Wolf said in the memo to staff.

"But others will support it," Wolf said Thursday. "There are varying opinions about Archbishop Weakland, about his tenure here and everything that took place prior to his retirement."

That's like saying that there are 'varying opinions' about Bush and his Presidency.

HT: Terry Berres


Andy K. said...

Lol. Going to possibly the farther place away from Milwaukee, to a monastery, is kind of funny for the end of Abp. Weakland.

Aquinas said...

I suspect that Archbishop Dolan saw to it that Weakland would be gone before a successor to Dolan was named. Archbishop Dolan, when he arrived and throughout his wonderful tenure here, had to deal with Weakland's presence. It must have been a distraction at times, particularly since there's a whole cadre of priests of a certain generation who refused to accept Dolan and clung to Weakland to the point where they, even still, refer to him in the Eucharistic Prayer. Finally getting him out of the archdiocese will mean one less distraction for the new archbishop, whoever he is. My guess is that this move has been arranged for for some time.

As for the memoirs, does anyone really care anymore? The guy wore out his welcome a long time ago. Reminding people, even if it's an unintended consequence, of the devastation he wrought while he was here might not be a real smart thing, despite the apparent need to continually stroke his own ego. A sick man. Still sick. May God keep Archbishop Weakland. Far from us!

GOR said...

Agreed, Aquinas. If Ab. Weakland had any real remorse or humility he would have removed himself from the Archdiocese upon Ab. Dolan's installation. That he didn't, said a lot. I was critical of Dolan for not effecting his removal over the years, but perhaps he considered him a Pauline 'thorn in the flesh' and just suffered it.

But it will be good to no longer hear my pastor refer to "Richard, William and Rembert - his helping bishops" during the Eucharistic prayer!

With that kind of 'help'...

Shock said...

Abp Weakland should consider following the example of St Metro. Chain himself to a rock and throw the key into the sea until it is recovered.

Dad29 said...

Yah, well...if Dolan arranged it now, he could have arranged it a long time ago, too.

We DO know that Latrobe would not take him back.

It's possible that he's leaving because he might be threatened with assault by paper-towel-carrying strangers again after release of his book.