Monday, May 18, 2009

Want Cheap Gas? Go to Madistan

One reason that "your" legislators don't really give a flying fig about the cost of gasoline in SE Wisconsin is because most of "your" legislatwhores purchase their gasoline in Madistan.

Last week, the difference was FIFTEEN CENTS/gallon, with Milwaukee on the high side.

This week? Not so much.

Only NINE CENTS/gallon, with Milwaukee on the high side.

By the way--it will get cheaper soon. But if you want to know how much the State and the Feds are taking, read this graf carefully:

Gasoline futures will average $1.40 a gallon during the summer, a 17 percent decline from May 15, according to surveys of five analysts by Bloomberg. Refiners are finishing seasonal shutdowns to increase production just as the global recession reduces oil demand by the most since 1981 and U.S. imports rise.

$1.40, of course, is pre-tax (and yes, pre-distribution.)

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