Monday, May 18, 2009

Post Office Whining: Not "Old School"

Some twerp from Oconomowoc claims to be "old-school" while whining about service changes.

"I'm old school - I'm used to getting my mail by noon," said Brian Wiemer, an Oconomowoc Town Board member.

"Old school," Brian, is remembering two-a-day deliveries every day except Saturday, and remembering three-cent first-class stamps. Do you shave yet, Brian?

"By noon" has been history since about the 1970's in actually-developed territory, such as Brookfield and Elm Grove.

This Wiemer-Whine is costing my favorite newspaper, Human Events, a significant pile of money. (That, and the machinations of the Time/Newsweek lobbying empire.)

The Post Office's charter as a quasi-private enterprise is NOT to put your mail in your hands 'before noon.' It's to deliver the mail efficiently.

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