Tuesday, January 06, 2009

UW-Mad: You Are Warned!

Evidently the UW Madison has a new plan for dismembering babies.

Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund sent a letter to University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Tuesday, asking that the institution refrain from implementing its secret and potentially illegal plans to perform second-trimester abortions in a jointly-operated clinic. The plan would likely compel unwilling employees to aid or participate in dismembering preborn babies, which would violate their religious conscience rights and may constitute an unlawful state funding of abortion

....ADF Legal Counsel Matt Bowman [said] “Pro-life employees shouldn’t be forced to violate their conscience by participating in the killing of preborn, developed babies. The university’s plan is morally and legally flawed and should be abandoned.”

It's a supply/demand thing:

University of Wisconsin medical residents are expected to train and take part in the killing of the second-trimester babies. In recent years, UWHC researchers have experimented on almost fully-formed body parts obtained from second-trimester abortions performed nearby, and now all of those abortions would be performed in UWHC’s joint venture

...and what's this about "residents are expected to train/take part in...??

That's potentially illegal, is what it is...

Source: ADF Email.

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Billiam said...

C'mon, Dad. This is Wisconsin. Legality doesn't matter. Just ask Doyle and the Tribes. Law is what he says it is. You forget, we're no longer a state. We're a banana republic.