Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Thrill Killers" Deserve Worse Than They Gave

Very disturbing, to say the least.

Thrill killing is suspected in the slaughter of five deer in Waupaca County, with snowmobilers believed to have chased the animals down in a field and run them over, authorities said Monday.

"Apparently some people using snowmobiles as a weapon ran down, dragged and did unspeakable acts of cruelty" to the deer, said state Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Laurel Steffes.

Four deer were found dead at the scene and a fifth had to be euthanized, said Carl Mesman, a conservation warden supervisor with the DNR.

One deer was apparently dragged and strapped by the neck to a tree, where it was run over and apparently died trying to free itself

There are some people who cannot be classified as 'human beings.'

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Shoebox said...

This is where the OT, eye for an eye approach could be well used!