Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Something the (R) Party Should Advance

From AB's blog, quoting Steven Moore:

‘We need alternatives to the Obama stimulus plan,” said Moore. “We need to call for a one-year suspension of the income tax. If we want to see this economy recover, bring tax rates down to zero. We will get jobs."

Is there an (R) with gonads in the audience?


Scott said...

We could--and should--have a serious discussion about taxation, who pays what rate, etc. But I don't think it should be part of any response to the F'd up economy. Especially because to deal with that i'd like to see more government spending, not less. When the economy's righted, then we should talk about the great tax debate. I hate to give it away, but I'm not interested in seeing overall taxation decreased or increased (excepting if someone proposes tax-funded health insurance). I'd rather see the overall tax burden (not just fed income) become a notch more progressive.

Deekaman said...

There's a great idea. Healthcare from the same caring compassionate people who run the IRS and DMV. Wow. How will it be better? Tellme, please?

And the tax system should bemore progressive? why? Nearly all those in high income (and tax) brackets got there not because they won some lottery, but because they chose to work harder than the rest of us. Stealing from them to fund others? Not just morally wrong. Morally reprehensible. Social Security? Same deal. To steal from my children to fund my retirement is morally wrong.

Taxes are a necessary evil...the price of living in a free society. But to take from one to give to another....

Dad29 said...

Scott, the "spendabunchamoney" approach doesn't work.

I'll remind you that GWB spent a HELL of a lotta money. We should have the Economy of Paradise...

But we don't. Hmmmmmmm.

Next idea.

As to Deek: I think the cap on SS taxation should be removed. That would "progressivize" the tax system (the most important one: Social Security).

And everyone should pay SOME income tax. Maybe only 1% of gross ($300.00 on $30K income), but some. Otherwise you have the 'free milk' syndrome.

But I'm not dissatisfied with 'progressivity' as a principle. Let's face it, Deek: those folks who make a LOT of money are not doing it all by their lonesomes. Somebody's providing a military to secure their investments and property, for openers.

Deekaman said...

Dad: I don't disagree with you in the least. I never said the high income earners should pay no taxes. My assertion is that the system is sufficiently progressive. I could live with lifting the cap on SS taxes, but increasing the progressivness of the current tax system is counterproductive.