Friday, January 09, 2009

Richardson and Killefer

The O-and-Savior has appointed a "performance czar-ette" to modernize Gummint functions.

Well, OK.

Another Clinton retread, Nancy Killefer last worked at modernizing the IRS. Reports have it that she was reasonably successful.

So as an IRS employee, you'd think that she was aware of stuff, right?

But even an experienced financial expert like Killefer is susceptible to tax errors: Four years ago, the District of Columbia slapped a $946 tax lien on her home for a few months until she paid back unemployment compensation tax for her personal employees


Comments Planet Moron (H/T, too):

You know how it is, you’re running late, you go to grab your car keys, and the next thing you know, you’ve completely forgotten to pay unemployment compensation tax for a year and a half for your two nannies and personal assistant

Yeah! THAT'S the ticket!!

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