Monday, January 12, 2009

The "New" Carol Browner, After Serious Scrubbing

You've heard, of course, that Obama has appointed Carol Browner as the czarina of ecology.

That's not good news; Ms. Browner is a bit extreme on enviro matters.

That's not why I write. I write because (evidently) someone is VERY concerned about Ms. Browner's affiliations with the Socialist Party and with AlGore.

[Obama picked] a raging socialist to head his global warming/junk science position.Carol M. Browner was listed as one of the leaders of the Commission for a Sustainable World Society which is an international anti-American, anti-West socialist organization:

(Screenshot of webpage)

She was listed as one of the members of the commission...Until they scrubbed her from the website

Browner is also a member of Al Gore's junk science group The Alliance for Climate Protection:

(Screenshot of webpage)

Although, she's now been scrubbed from that webpage, too.

One is reminded of the lesson of Nixon: it ain't the crime--it's the COVERUP.

So is even The O convinced that Socialist and Gore-ite memberships are poison?

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Give it 6 - 12 months before someone in the press picks this up, if ever.

Curiously interesting though...

Where is Foust on this one?