Wednesday, January 14, 2009

National Banko Day, Round III

We mentioned the "no-lead-in-toys" law about a month ago, and we were pretty much avant-garde on it, following the lead (no pun) of Overlawyered.

Then, a week ago, Goodwill and Salvation Army-type re-sale stores were in (and out of) the crosshairs of this ridiculous law.

But it ain' just mom-and-pop clothing and toymakers which are endangered.

It also applies to a sweeping array of children’s goods including clothing, bedding, Scouting patches, and countless other fabric and textile goods for kids’ use; paper goods, school supplies, homeschooling kits, as well as library books and audiobooks, board games, baseball cards, and the like; outdoor gear, bikes, backpacks, telescopes and sporting equipment; home furnishings when marketed for use in kids’ rooms; and much more.

Another Act of Congress which was carefully drafted, carefully considered by Brilliant, Elite, Highly-Educated and Concerned, Esteemed People...

....and which is a practical disaster of the first water.

HT: OverLawyered

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