Sunday, January 04, 2009

The MSM Missed a Few (Dozen) Stories

There's a teapot-sized tempest over 'whether bloggers actually provide reporting.'

Malkin stomped on the dustup with a major-league boot.

As Mark Steyn said Friday afternoon: the US newspapers are almost incomprehensible and they are the most boring newspapers in the English-speaking world.

Want to know why? Then look at the list of news-items the MSM did NOT originate in the last 12 months: exclusive on William Jefferson’s bribery charges to several posts investigating the 9th Circuit Justice Alex Kozinski online obscenity controversy (Patterico), ...Maloney’s story on KGO nut Charles Karel Bouley threatening Joe The Plumber; financial turmoil at Citadel Radio; (Radio Equalizer) ...Michael Brodkorb of Minnesota Democrats Exposed scooped the national media on the comedian’s tax troubles ...Charles Johnson once exposed fauxtography in the form of a Photoshopped Iranian missile launch disseminated by the Agence France Press (Little Green Footballs) ....Veteran investigative reporter Ken Timmerman did yeomen’s work on Barack Obama’s credit card donation fraud (NewsMax) ...Pro-life blogger Jill Stanek published numerous investigative reports on Obama’s abortion extremism in the Illinois legislature

There's plenty more at the link.

When Pimentel finishes wetting his pants over Doylie's predicable "victory over spending" in the Wisconsin budget, maybe he'll assign a few reporters to dig up the waste, fraud, and abuse in that very budget.

And maybe not.


Deekaman said...

Well, you know...REAL journalists have, you know..."stuff" to do. You know..."important stuff" that keeps them too busy to spend time doing that silly "investigative stuff". It's more impotant to do, "Positively Milwaukee". Or better yet, Bash Bush.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe they'll post on one of their blogs for readers to send in examples of waste they've found.


TerryN said...

Sarcasm Alert!

Just remember it's talk radio that's a problem and must be censored.