Saturday, January 03, 2009

MSM: Colluding With Doyle for 2010

Jimbo Doylie has recently danced with the question "Will you run again?", (while he goes about holding campaign fundraisers.)

That's a stupid question. Doyle was not offered a slot in the O Administration, is not particularly liked by the national Democrat Party bigwigs, and is not even able to be liked by his fellow State Democrats. He's machine politician, and "machine" describes his personality, too.

He's electable as Governor of this State, and that's about it. Even then, it's dicey; he relies on massive "contributions" from special interests (WEAC), vote-fraud, and flat-out lying ("....we cannot, we must not, we should not raise taxes....") for his victories.

It's also helpful to have weak Republican candidates.

But the 2010 election will be different. The State, along with the nation, is in a recession, and it will get worse here even as the country pulls out. (Wisconsin has always been a "last-in, last-out of recessions" State.) Worse, Doylie's Party controls both houses of the Legislature. That means that Doylie will take the brunt of voter unhappiness in 2010.

So. What to do? What to do?

Doyle reached into his playbook (remember, there are only three plays) and pulled out the "LIE LIKE HELL" card.

No problem for Jimbo. He'll invent a $5++Billion dollar "deficit," and then save the day by making cuts in State spending. Mighty Mouse will be proud!

And the damnfool reporters at Channel 12, Channel 4, Channel 6, and the Milwaukee JS will play right along, because it's too difficult to actually mention that Doylie's numbers are fabricated from whole cloth.

Fortunately, Mary Lazich, supported by actual real-live research, brings up the inconvenient facts.

"I have to wonder if the governor isn't purposely sounding like Chicken Little, painting the dire picture of the worst budget crisis in Wisconsin history, whipping state residents into a collective depression of epic proportions," Lazich wrote in her piece.

"Why the bearer of such bad news? Think about it. The governor overstates the budget debacle by a country mile, allowing him to offer dramatic, headline-grabbing spending cuts as solutions.

"If a Republican posed such measures, she stated, the press would label them "draconian."

"Editorial boards would rave, though, about Doyle, calling the governor and his moves, 'courageous,'" Lazich wrote.

"Undoubtedly, the governor and legislative Democrats will also salivate at the opportunity to seek new revenues, i.e., raise taxes. At the end of the day, when the dust clears and the true budget deficit is actually much smaller, the governor and Democrat lawmakers will claim victory and come off as fiscal conservative heroes." (Cited by Berry Laker, HT!!)

What facts underlie this assertion?

Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX) [released a report on] Dec. 4, [attributing] $2.76 billion of Doyle's projected deficit to new spending requests and further said Doyle's numbers were "heavily based on assumptions" that could be misleading.

"[The report] notes that granting those spending requests and funding past state promises (the "structural deficit"), would result in state expenditure growth of 8 percent next year and 3.1 percent the year following," WISTAX said in a statement summarizing the study. "The report questioned that assumption since annual state general fund spending increases have averaged only 3.4 percent over the past decade."

Here's what that means. The Lying Liar's Administration cooked up $2.76Billion in new spending requests ("I wanna buncha new cars, extra buildings, about 60 dozen new employees, and 300 gold rings, no partridges, thanks, but what about More Retirement Bennies??").

In about 60 days, Doylie will "cut" the new cars, buildings, employees, and gold rings, deliver more retirement bennies and fatter AFSCME contracts, enable property-tax increases for school districts, and find "fees" and "taxes" which affect only "the rich." They will be: 1) hospital patients, 2) people who buy gasoline, and 3) smokers who are stupid enough to remain in Wisconsin.

(Of course, those property-tax increases also will only affect "the rich"--like the entire population of the City of Milwaukee.)

"Whatta Fiscal Conservative He Really Is!!" will be the headlines. Ricardo Pimentel will wet his pants repeatedly, ecstatically, and rhythmically. "Reporters" for other MSM media outlets will fall to their knees to......ahhhhhh......worship the Doylie-god-of-restraint, (perhaps a little too closely for cameras to record without 'standards-of-decency' pixellation tricks.)

And the Lying Liar will then advance-auction the rest of the State's assets to WEAC, the AFSCME, and the Trial Lawyers while bussing hundreds of Illinois residents to Milwaukee to same-day register and vote. (They will not be voting for Blago, after all...)

The Republicans will run someone.

And, by the way, actual reporting will be confined to newspapers like this one. Big Hat Tip to Richard Moore, who will never, ever, get a Madistan/Milwaukee journalism slot....


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

If Scott Walker gets his act together, he can win they election by carrying Milwaukee county and the surrounding area, not to mention the almost every other county in the state not surrounding Madistan and/or Minneapolis/St Paul.

Dad29 said...

That's a big "if."

And Walker has a problem: Milwaukee County is near dysfunctional, and it will get worse in the next 12 months.

You can (legitimately) say that it's the fault of the Board, and his inherited Pension Problem.

But that's not the way it will play out in the media--nor from Doylie's campaign (the insinuators and the out-and-out liars).

Just the "211" system problem, on its own, will be campaign fodder, and likely very persuasive.

Andy K. said...

Walker would need to win over the morons that run the Wisconsin GOP. People who field weak candidates against opponents, when the strong candidates are left to bide time elsewhere.

But, the Fox Valley (I think it's Fox Valley?) Republicans who care only for their little clique (see: Mark Green and his failed governor run).

I know! Let's run a guy who CAN'T win in the Milwaukee area, and see if he can win Governor.

Like DCS said, I'd say right now we need a Republican who can win the Milwaukee area. The rest of the state goes R, and it always helps to win Milwaukee...

Anonymous said...

Yes Virginia - Doyle IS that scummy.

capper said...

Are we talking about the Scott Walker that has claimed a deficit every year, and had to have the board correct his mistakes? In fact, the only year that Walker's budget didn't blow up is the year that he took himself out of the process. That was the year we had a $7M surplus. That is the same amount Walker lost this year by appointing his campaign manager to be the head of economic development.

Yeah, go with that one!

thoughtfulconservative said...

Walker couldn't even beat Green and now he's gonna beat Doyle? Sorry, don't see that happening.

I have to go with Dad on this one. I don't see a strong Republican candidate.