Sunday, January 04, 2009

Modest Proposal, Indeed

P-Mac visited with an economist, who had a modest proposal for Wisconsin's next legislative session:

"Become the first northern right-to-work state and you'll clean up."

Ned Hill of Cleveland State made the suggestion; McIlheran repeats it because automobile-building is a huge economic boost.

The State of Wisconsin still has a 'manufacturing' tradition and mindset--not to mention a very strong base of metalbending companies and machinery-makers. Although the State lost a large number of manufacturing jobs since 1990 or so, by no means are we a "service" State.

It's worth a try.


Billiam said...

Nice thought, but here in Wisconsin, the Union 'mentality' rules and is way too rigid to change. So, the old GM plant in Janesville will rust away. The bleeding continues.

Deekaman said...

With Wisconsin government bought and paid for by (among others - I don't want to single anyone out) Union money, this proposal will never see the legislative light of least as long as there are Unions in Wisconsin.

Al said...

Meanwhile, in Iowa where we have a "right to work" law, the unions are pushing to gut it claiming that it isn't fair that non-union workers benifit from what the unions do.

Good luck, but if it does come to pass up there, it will be a miracle.