Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Kill Off Bank of America

Ritholtz is in Full Screaming Rant.

So the horrific deal Citibank cut with Treasury was a blueprint, an example for the next foolish investment — and here it is: Bank America, a supposed good bank, that couldn’t wait to get their hands on Merrill Lynch, now a bad bank.

And now that we all see what a terrible decision that was by supposedly sophisticated private sector players, well, then rather than take the hit, BoA has their grubby hands out begging for some taxpayer loot to paper over their idiotic decision-making. First they bought that giant manure pile CountryWide, and now they own another stinking pile of enzyme-free donkey-fazoo, Merrill Lynch.

I say, f&^% ‘em. Why do I have to pay for their bad judgment?

Enough already! Fire Ken Lewis, he’s a bum. He’s made several horrific acquisitions, and needs to serve up his head on a platter for his god-awful lack of judgment. Toss out the entire Board of Directors, too, as they all suck. They’ve bankrupted the company, its time they all need to go.

Oh, Barry!

Don't you KNOW?

These are the Elite, the Illuminated, the Educated! The Coast-ies! These are the Best and Brightest! They have MBA's and JD's and Stuff like That!

You can't fire them all, Barry. That would trigger another housing crisis, or something.

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