Sunday, January 11, 2009

Humor Break #25,405

Yes, I know. That number is larger than the number of posts here. Make of it what you will.

A Protestant Minister was overcome with mice in his church. They were everywhere and into everything. He tried every form of eco-friendly and humane pest control known and yet the mice were everywhere.

One day he went to the nearby Catholic Parish to see if they had the same problem and how they were dealing with it.

“No,” said the priest, “we don’t have a mouse problem.”

“Really,” asked the minister, “you’ve never had a problem?”

“Now I never said that,” replied the priest. “We used to have a terrible mouse problem here.”

“Then how did you deal with it in an eco-friendly and humane way?”

“We baptized and confirmed them, we haven’t seen them since.”

--except once, for their wedding...

HT: Fr. Cranky


Prosqtor said...

I thought the punchline was that they denied the existence of the rodents, and then eventually reassigned them to far away dioceses.

This one's pretty good, though.

Dad29 said...

Why reassign them?

Keep them where they were, and simply lie like Hell about it.

Prosqtor said...


(My verification word was Grayl -- interesting phonetics for this topic!)