Thursday, January 08, 2009

Georgetown U Puts the High Hardball Past the Prots

...but it's not exactly what you think, folks.

Protestants at Georgetown University have been directed to sponsor an event to be "welcoming" to the new campus gay rights center.

Leaders of Georgetown's council of 12 Protestant ministries are meeting Jan. 12 to discuss just how to do this.

I began calling around. Four evangelical Protestant chaplains, all of whom are from ministries that believe homosexual activity is sinful, confirmed they got this mandate from the Rev. Constance C. Wheeler, the lead Protestant chaplain, who was passing along instructions from the president of Georgetown University, John J. DeGioia

So G'town, a Jesuit (not necessarily Catholic) university, sticks it to its Prot campus ministers by "requesting" that they honor the Vice Which Will Not Shut Up.

Somewhere near irony cubed.

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Anonymous said...

Until Catholics start complaining loudly about the non-Catholic nature of their university, Georgetown will continue to drift further and further away from any kind of religion. Talk to people who are at the university and sad about what is going on.