Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Folkbum Endorses Rose Fernandez?

Not really.

No, really, NOT really.

Rose Fernandez isn't going to win the hearts and minds of voters by saying there is little to be done in, with, by, or to MPS to change the test results or balance the books. None of the other candidates will say that, nor will any of the candidates for MPS school board this spring. The mayor won't say it, the superintendent won't say it, and you sure won't hear school principals telling parents that.

But I will say it. I have said it.

The thrust of his post, however, is not to praise Ms. Fernandez. Rather, it is to propose a minor miracle: eliminating poverty in Milwaukee (which harms the prefrontal cortex, apparently.)

He doesn't mention marriage-before-childbearing, and doesn't have much use for Willie Hines or Pat McIlheran's thoughts, either.

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