Saturday, January 10, 2009

Death Thweats from the Anti-Gun Gwoup

Wiggy caught this:

The lawsuit filed Wednesday cites a series of incidents in which those who gave money to support Proposition 8 received threatening phone calls, e-mails and postcards. One woman claims she was told: "If I had a gun, I would have gunned you down along with each and every other supporter."

So much for Peace and Love, eh?


Scott said...

People get mad when you take a whiz on their lives all the time.

Amy said...

Um, then, perhaps they shouldn't pretend to be the epitome of tolerance of diversity, then.

Because, to those of us who are paying attention, the Prop 8 vote was done democratically, peacefully, and legally. It allowed the people - the base of any democracy - to vote to protect the institution of marriage and to prevent the courts for overstepping their bounds.

Those of us who lost the presidental election, and several pro-life measures around the country, did not react with violent protests, vandalism, and harrassment.

That speaks VOLUMES about just how "tolerant" certain people are.

Dad29 said...

"Taking a wizz", Scott?

Please explain for us!