Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big3 Now Want Self-Extinction

The Big3 have now decided to kick their customers in the .......ahhhhh.......wallet.

The auto industry is warming up to the idea of higher taxes on gasoline to force buyers to keep considering fuel-efficient and small cars

The carmakers acknowledge that raising the gas tax is an unpopular idea, but they also saw how fast consumer preference shifted toward small cars when gasoline prices topped $4 a gallon last summer. Without that economic incentive, the tide is turning back to bigger cars, crossovers and trucks

...Mike Jackson, CEO of car-shopping site AutoNation, who has pushed for higher fuel taxes for more than a year [ ] says consumers talk about wanting fuel-efficient cars but don't buy them until gas prices are sky-high.

"We watched the consumer stampede to fuel efficiency in May, and now the herd is getting ready to stampede back to their old ways," says Jackson. "We have the most unbelievable technology around fuel efficiency, but no one will buy it if gas prices are this low."

Jackson refers to his customers as "the herd."

GM, FoMoCo, and Chrysler want to squeeze their customers with high gasoline prices.

That tells you something, folks...

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Anonymous said...

Very few people REALLY want fuel economy. The reason being that fuel efficient cars are like riding in roller skates. They are cramped and uncomfortable. The kid in the car seat behind you is kicking the back of your seat because there is no room for their legs and their backpack or diaper bag have to ride on the seat next to you or them for the same reason. Add in sitting damn near on the ground makes it almost impossible for anybody with any sort of infirmity - bad knees, bad back, etc to get in and out of the (@&^$ things.

Little cars suck and now a bunch of environmental wackos will make all of us drive them against our will.

American Freedoms. At least it used to be a great ideal.... sigh.

GOR said...

Getting an extra 10 miles per gallon will not convince me to buy a puddle-jumper.

Anyone opting for MORE taxes (like the people of Milwaukee on the Sales Tax increase...) is out of their mind or, in this case, an environmental wacko.